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So toss the t-shirt out, and stock up instead on the one white t-shirt that every man needs to own.

If your dating app of choice has been blamed for the rise of STDs in some states, it might be time to move on to the next best pickup scene; whistling at girls outside convenience stores. Unless you’re biking through rough mountain terrain, your concerns are unfounded.

Are you really doing shots so often that you need your own hard-liquor glassware?

Be more refined; keep a bar stocked with the glassware and liquor to make the 10 best nightcaps that will impress her every time.

If you’re a healthy, moderate drinker, try one of these 30 best post-workout beers of all time.

A fresh tattoo on a 40 year old isn’t cool or dangerous or a symbol of your unique personality.

It’s the “buying a sports car because I’m terrified of growing old” of our generation.

You’re no longer the funniest guy at the frat party. If you can’t pull out some cash or a credit card without making a loud riiiiipping sound, you’re legally not allowed to drive a car or own a home or sit at the grownups table at dinner. Nothing about this electric scooter commercial is based on real life. It’s like you’re asking to get pelted with monkey poo.

You’re not even the quiet, shy one at the frat party. Nobody who uses a scooter as his main mode of transportation wears a suit, has a “9am meeting,” or exchanges flirty glances with beautiful women. (Also, it should go without saying that hoverboards fall into the category of banned items after 40, as well.) If you want to commute on wheels, try instead one of the 17 most luxe, upscale bicycles on the market.

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But on a serious note, if you are indeed on the market, you should try one of the best dating apps for people over 40. And if you’re biking through rough mountain terrain, what do you need a wallet for?

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