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Found grub partition (/dev/sda1) file system is ext4! used to be /dev/sda1 but, for some reason, is now /dev/sdb1 after booting Clonezilla?

Not all version of grub 1 supports file system ext4! Used fdisk to mark sda1 as bootable, restored image, and rebooted: still stuck in "grub" prompt. Clonezilla will gladly restore the image, but Windows may not like it: "Windows failed to start.

") and won't boot: "mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1" and trying again made no difference. Next, mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1 and told CZ to restore: same error. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause." To solve this, enter the shell, and resize the target partition to match its original size thusly: In case you need to send/receive files from the Clonezilla host to a Windows host, one of the ways is to mount a Windows partition thusly: mount -t cifs //"C" /mnt/-o username=joe,password=mypasswd No.

FYI, partition infos as kept in /mnt/sda2//sda-pt.parted. I restored a Ubuntu 11.04 image in a partition marked as NTFS/HPFS, and it booted OK.

-j1 (default: disabled) Write MBR (512 B) again after image is restored.

Not OK for partition table differ: When a disk image is restored, the partition table must be updated to reflect the actual partitions in the disk.

Note: If a USB keydrive doesn't boot, try using the open-source and up-to-date Rufus utility to format and burn the ISO file.

Any data written to this file system is written to the EBS volume and is transparent to applications using the device.The option is enabled by default and shouldn't cause any harm.However, it should be disabled if you for example have another bootloader in MBR and chainload GRUB with it.To create a partition on a specific start sector, use "fdisk -u /dev/sd X". A work-around is to delete and re-create the target partition.cfdisk (also part of util-linux 2.19.1) only prompts for total size in MB. Maybe it's just not a good idead to restore an image to a smaller partition even if you know there's enough room: Bunch of GRUB-related errors ("Warning!

updating to ext4-35updating to ext4-86updating to ext4-27

If you deleted a partition, just reboot and try again.

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