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What's more: its watchful new Kinect sensor that must be plugged in for the console to run can be turned off. Maybe this new Xbox won't be spying on everyone after all."It is not always watching or always listening," a rep for Microsoft told me over e-mail while I was trying to nail down some facts for a story about next-gen consoles that ran in yesterday's article, I reported that Microsoft says the Kinect can be turned off. This might seem obvious to anyone familiar with how consumer electronics work, but...let's face facts..Xbox One has seemed, for the past week, to be a tad different than the average piece of consumer electronics."Yes, you can turn the system completely off," the Microsoft rep said. We’ll share more details about how it all works later." I believe this powering off involves the aforementioned power button.We've asked Microsoft to clarify the technical specifics of how the system operates in listening mode, and if the company has considered any safeguards against potential privacy threats.Update: A Microsoft spokesperson responded to our inquiry with the following statement."And when someone is staring at you, you have to notice." But will you notice a fixed camera in your living room that's always listening?

"Xbox On." The Xbox One could only hear that if the Kinect was already, always listening.

In its hour-long Xbox One presentation, Microsoft blazed through announcements for its new next-generation console, including one ostensibly important feature that may raise some eyebrows: the new Xbox will always be listening to you, even when it's turned off.

The reason for always-on listening mode is simple; Microsoft wants the new Xbox to respond quickly and naturally to you, whenever you need it.

The new Kinect is listening for a specific cue, like ‘Xbox on.’ We know our customers want and expect strong privacy protections to be built into our products, devices and services, and for companies to be responsible stewards of their data.

Microsoft has more than ten years of experience making privacy a top priority.

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It was unveiled by Microsoft last week as a fixture of the fall-releasing Xbox One.