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Last night he hit The Ivy in Sydney and got his boogie on for the new Xbox 360 Kinect controller-free interactive experience. He was joined by So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Adam Williams, as well as Erin Mc Naught and Michelle Bridges. Jason has dated Cameron Diaz and Rosario Dawson and has a "semi-famous" girlfriend in tow for his trip, but refuses to reveal her name. This is an extremely easy game to get into and play.Simply do what you would do if you were in the situation presented on screen.Stick your hands out to plug leaks, duck to avoid bars, reach to block a ball.

In the hockey game players will check the opposing player off the puck by skating in at the right angle and performing the right moves.

Of course, in football, the idea is to tackle an opposing player.

While players can dodge, duck, or jump over would-be tacklers, is a sports simulation game that requires the Kinect sensor to play.

The game itself features six sports, each with a mini-game and two skill-specific games (for example, in basketball, there is a shoot-out competition and a shot-blocking competition). There is some mild cartoon violence in elements of the game -- such as in hockey where players will body-check opponents off the puck and send them flying.

" / is based on scoring the most points in the individual skill challenges, or beating your opponent in the multiplayer setting.

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Keep your Xbox One Kinect sensor 2.0 in place, whilst looking smart and compact.