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• Compare region prices from major vendors • Where to get content for Open Sim In order to travel the hypergrid, you must first start your travels on a hypergrid-enabled grid.You can create a free account on any of the following public grids: OSgrid (U.

;; If it's named Open example then you will need to copy it to ;; Open first (if that file does not already exist) ;; ;; If you are copying, then once you have copied Open example to ;; Open you will need to pick an architecture in the section below.;; An empty question will set the default if the dependencies are ;; satisfied. ;; Any options added to Open example should be initially commented ;; out.;# "Region (\R) " ;; Console prompt ;; Certain special characters can be used to customize the prompt ;; Currently, these are ;; \R - substitute region name ;; - substitute \ ; Console Prompt = "Region (\R) " ;# false ;; Set this to true if you want to log crashes to disk ;; this can be useful when submitting bug reports.; Inworld Restart Shuts Down = false ;; Persistence of changed objects happens during regular sweeps.The ;; following control that behaviour to prevent frequently changing objects ;; from heavily loading the region data store.

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