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Mormon org dating

“Decide whom of your relatives or friends you will introduce to the Church. Two young men from our Church will give a presentation on how our Church began.” The manual records one convert’s real-life story to prove the point: “Shortly after we moved to a new neighborhood, I was out working in my garden when one of my neighbors offered me a huge armful of tomatoes she had just picked.

Perhaps you could plan a family home evening with them…. This was just the beginning of what was to be a forever friendship.

But I wondered if “friendshipping” was his main motivation.

Regardless, he was one of the hardest workers of the afternoon, sweating profusely and refusing to take a break.

My friend and I backed the rented moving truck into the driveway of our family’s new home in Sandy, Utah, a short drive from the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) in Salt Lake City. We decided to get some sleep, knowing that some friends were scheduled to come by that afternoon to help.

In addition, it doesn’t take them long to invite this Catholic family to Mormon Church services and activities. You should try it sometime.” “Friendshipping” is an LDS-coined word that emphasizes the building of relationships with non-Mormon friends and neighbors.

Often the church member will invite someone over for dinner, along with the LDS missionaries, as a means of introducing the person to Mormonism.” Indeed, Mormon leaders encourage their members to go beyond the comfort of their own homes to engage with nonmembers.

Many assume that the Mormon Church’s best tactics to entice potential converts are through direct contact with two of the church’s 52,000 missionaries as well as media campaigns.

Little kindnesses will help friends feel good about our Church.

They will ‘warm’ up to the idea of learning more about the teachings of the Church.” The idea of getting friends to become involved in church activities is continually promoted.

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Kimball encouraged LDS families to reach out to others in an evangelistic way. Invite the family to meet with the missionaries.” Under this final step, the manual gives a sample monologue on how to convince the neighbors to meet the missionaries: “One way of asking friends if they would like to know about the Church is to say: ‘We enjoy being your neighbors.