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In order to appear on any of these Metasearch engines, you’ll need to make sure you have the basics right: 1.Access: Make sure you have access to your hotel profile on the relevant Metasearch Engine.Metasearch has rapidly emerged to become one of the leading ways users can find cheap deals for travel, in arenas from air fare to hotel accommodation.This has significantly changed the distribution landscape for hotels.If set up correctly and optimised on an ongoing basis, Metasearch channels with direct connections to your hotel’s own website can lead to bookings at a lower cost per acquisition than through OTAs.This allows the hotel to distribute to a wider audience, while controlling the customer’s booking from an earlier stage. Take a closer look at the benefits: Some OTAs send reservations to hotels with net rates, so the cost of commission isn’t obvious.

OTAs have a huge impact on your bottom line, though – and we’re not talking about the good stuff.

Costs on all Metasearch platforms differ slightly, with some working on a cost per click model and others working on a percentage of the booking value.

However, from an advertiser’s perspective the goal remains the same: Drive more direct bookings at a CPA percentage cost that is lower than an OTA’s.

Metasearch sites would like to become a one-stop shop.

Metasearch sounds great for consumers – how can you make it great for independent hotels?

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That’s a hefty surcharge, making it important to make sure your relationship with OTAs is carefully planned.