Matsumoto jun dating

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Matsumoto jun dating

It looks like they have been since the days of the Japanese Drama Hana Yori Dango.

Xanithofdragons 13th Feb2014 03, a film was announced in August 2007 03, but only recently have they NOT denied their relationship.

To avoid scandals while it is on-air, the marriage will have to wait for a year at the very least.

However the two of them are professionals and will not resort to that.The moment you arrived at the airport, you saw these 5 people at the Japan Tourism billboard. I, which became the theme song for the Volleyball World Cup hosted by Japan.Then you saw them again in some beer advertisements. If you think about idol groups, you will definitely think of people who are cool/cute, handsome/pretty, acting in movies or dramas (usually love stories), singing in a group (usually pop songs), modeling for magazines, and being a spokesperson for some brand of products. Arashi is a group under Johnny and Associates talent agency. Apart from being the top idol group in Japan, they are also talented in other fields. Apart from being the oldest in the group, it was decided he would be the leader when he won the rock-paper-scissors game against Sakurai.When you switched on the TV, there they were again on a game show. Arashi which literally means ‘storm’, consists of 5 members who are Ohno Satoshi (大野智, born 1980), Sakurai Sho (櫻井翔, born 1982), Aiba Masaki (相葉雅紀, born 1982), Ninomiya Kazunari (二宮和也, born 1983) and Matsumoto Jun (松本潤, born 1983). Ohno has the most melodic voice in the group and is very talented in dancing.Then you walked into the music store, and you saw these people again on the album cover on a rack. They debuted in Hawaii in 1999 with their first single A. He has choreographed a few dances for Arashi’s songs such as Bittersweet, Tokei Jikake no Umbrella, TRAP and for most of his solo songs.

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The two of them though are twisting this to their advantage.

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