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The “eggs are cheap” theory falls into a logical fallacy known as of this”.

Eve’s sin – giving in to temptation – is the burden of gender.Much of our belief about human sexuality – the importance and universality of monogamy, for example – stem from the Flintsonization of primitive cultures.Darwin was a notorious prude and this directly influenced his interpretations of evolution, as well as the interpretations of those who came after him.But we’ve seen over and over again that, in fact, human sexuality has far less to do with reproduction than evo-psych would have us believe.We let the narrative control how we see the world and that belief affects everything else.

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But I think you’ll agree with me that it’s You want to know the main reason why sex seems so damned difficult to come by unless you’re one of the blessed few who seem to have an intrinsic grasp of social dynamics? Over generations, society has placed barrier after barrier between women and their own sexuality.

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