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Hot no sign up needed cams

and even in heavy traffic on the highway with 3.55 gears there is no issue with low speed driving. The sound around 2000 rpm and up not only sounds like a hot rod it also has an exotic sound to it. 20 MPG average is what I'm getting and that's with hard driving.I have an 08 GT with 3.73 gears and an off road h pipe from Pypes with a muffler delete.I have other bolt-ons including a 4.10 rear end with a 93 race tune, and get about 14 mpg, so dont expect great gas mileage, but then again, if you have a V8 Mustang..mileage should be the least of your concerns For anyone considering these cams do yourself a favor and ignore the negative feedback.I have Cold air intake, 62mm throttle body, FFRP intake manifold, axelbacks and these cams with a tune from BAMA ...It has no tune on it yet but I plan to get one soon.If I were to get these cams and install them without a tuner, could it hurt the car with the way it is all set up?

But if your like me, and dont give a damn and want your mustang to sound sick and perform better, GET EM!

Installation only took about 2 hours with a friend helping. If the machine didn't have a big enough powerband stock it sure as heck does now. it never quite made it up to the rev limiter in 5th until the hotcam.

Can feel the torque in your back from no throttle to full. combine with k&n, pipe, and new jet and hang on tight to the handlebars. bike will easily hang with a buggy until you run out of gears that is. Like the power spread, moved power band from all 3rd to 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

I took my time installing them in my garage, so i took all day to do it.

If your mechanically savvy and have the valve spring compressor and timing chain wedge, you should be ... My only gripe is that its hard to drive slow, the car likes to chug a lot now in the lower rpms, in first and second gear.

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