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Free text chat without sign up

The best thing about this network is the ability to connect people without any limitations over device compatibility.

The Text Now App and its services are available for .

So, you can easily start a conversation on your laptop and continue them on the go using your smartphone.

Well, that’s what for technological advancement is? Similar to Face Time, the initial move is the creation of an Apple ID if you don’t have one already.

The cellular devices which have access to Text Now can also integrate Face Time as well.

It can be done by going through following steps: Go to your Settings app and click on Face Time.

(If that’s not visible then you are already logged in! You are also allowed to add an email ID by clicking on Add an Email… Now, to place a call, open the Face Time app and decide either Video or Audio, and after that, type in the phone number or E-mail ID of your contact.

It is to be remembered that the app will work only with those users who are using Face Time and no one else.

If a phone number is listed too, then do not select that.You need to confirm that Face Time is on (the switch should be toggled to green, as given in the photo).If you are not signed in into your account, then Face Time will be asking you to enter your ID and password.You can also bring your smartphone and get a free month of unlimited services too.You are entitled to select from an extensive range of smartphones to the Flagship ones.

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You need to be patient for about 10-20 minutes for the blocking to be activated.

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