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Free no sighn up video chat with sexy girls

Although he is having some memory challenges, it seems he recollects all the "family" of QOR.

It gave me great pride to see the many "younger gents" that he had instructed, I think mostly in Germany and Borden, greet him with, " Good to see you here, Sir, Mr. The 2005 Reunion has been featured on this site for over a year.

The good feeling that things may have changed was short-lived, though, as I was reminded by the toilet lady at a service station that I’m only allowed to take two bits of toilet paper or pay more money – how lovely 🙂 The rudeness is most obvious in shops where they just really couldn’t care less about you as customer. One can only hope that with the young ones travelling and getting to know different countries and cultures they will bring about a change and the next generations will be a little more positive, pleasant and happy.

Last Post will sing its mournful song for those still standing and those of us that are gone.

We know we must make the best of the here and now and we still dont know the why, or the when, or the how.

Our regiment will keep on marching on and we will note our heroes who have gone.

This chasm becomes obvious as soon as I get off the plane at Ruzyně or cross the Waidhaus / Rozvadov border into CZ. Every time we go to CZ we’re faced with rude, arrogant, unpleasant Czechs 🙁 I really don’t know where this rudeness comes from.

Having said that, the lady at the kiosk where you buy your dálniční známka or motorway sticker in the casino building was in fact VERY nice last time – so big thumbs UP for her. I can only assume that it’s the result of 40 years of totality and oppression, which has made the Czechs bitter, rancorous and spiteful.

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Whatever’s happened to “Náš zákazník, náš pán – Our customer, our master”?