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It has the potential to be cloying for sure--one spray is enough.

I bought a 90ml bottle over a month ago, but am wearing it for the first time now that the weather here is cooler and not at all humid. It dries down fairly quickly and then smells fresh and musky, but musky in the most feminine way imaginable - it is SO pleasant!

No other perfume can make me feel as confident as this one does, for its smell and also for the endless amounts of compliments I receive when wearing it.

I recommend it to anyone who wishes to smell sophisticated, attractive, and clean.

The drydown has an identity of its own, oily and remotely sweet, reminicent of toasted coconut. The aroma also brings to mind a night time walk on a tropical beach underneath the moon. Not as unassuming as I thought, since I get wafts of it as I move around.

It has a slightly creamier and muskier quality to it now, although it still doesn't remind me of anything "darkly mysterious." It is a more mature, not-as-sweet version of the Gwen Stefani "G" fragrance, whose sweetness I do miss from time to time.

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It has an incredible longevity that will have your skin and clothes smelling of it for days, which is great as the scent doesn't cease from smelling fresh.

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