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Other Sequachee Valley communities established as a result of the English syndicate’s purchases were Whitwell, which was named for syndicate president Thomas Whitwell and Victoria, which was chosen in honor of Great Britain’s reigning monarch, Queen Victoria.Great care was taken in the development of South Pittsburg as streets and avenues were graded and blocks with ample sized lots platted for the growth of the city in respect to commercial, industrial and residential needs.The coming of the Civil War and its impact on the area delayed the completion of this branch line into the valley, which would be known as the Jasper Branch Railroad. On August 10, 1869, a post office opened under the name of Battle Creek Mines in what would one day be called South Pittsburg.Woods Wilson was the first postmaster at this post office, which is the predecessor to South Pittburg’s present day post office.This resulted in both armies setting up camp here on numerous occasions and even the construction, by the Union Army, of a pontoon bridge across the Tennessee River near the mouth of Battle Creek at Alley’s Ferry prior to the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia in September 1863.The most notable war event here was the bombing of the Union Army’s earthen redoubt, Fort Mc Cook, in August 1862.In 1882, after nearly four years of near idleness, the syndicate, Southern States Coal, Iron & Land Company, was brought under the control of the Tennessee Coal & Iron Railroad Company in a consolidation, which placed the land in American hands. One of these was a row of workers’ houses, known as “Graham Row,” which was located on Holly Avenue between Third Street and Fourth Street. Graham during a short-lived resuscitation of building within the city. in order to promote new interest in the development of the town.This move brought about new development in South Pittsburg, but mostly in regards to industrial concerns. Also included in these improvements was the establishment of the South Pittsburg College as a non-profit institution to confer degrees and instruction in the higher branches of education. In December 1886 the South Pittsburg City Company was organized and in turn purchased the town site, including 3,000 acres, together with a contiguous tract of 700-acres from Dr. The new company, which was granted a charter of incorporation by the State of Tennessee, immediately began to reorganize the town and reclaim it from its neglected state.

The city, which currently has a population of about 3295 citizens, had its beginnings when English investors purchased the land near the banks of the Tennessee River for the establishment of a city destined to be the commercial hub of the mining and coke manufacturing operations in the Sequachee Valley.

Both assaults were successful in their intent with the Union Army vacating the fort at Battle Creek during the night leaving it and much of the stores and supplies to its Confederate victors.

Eventually the Union Army would regain control of the area by late summer 1863 and continue its grip until the end of the war. Beene was the first person to ship a Sequachee Valley product over the new railroad.

In 1875, after spending two years making a full examination of land in nearly every State in the Union, Bowron’s interest targeted three sites in Marion County, Tennessee.

This interest resulted in the purchase of a considerable amount of land in the Cumberland Mountains, which formed the northwest wall of the Sequachee Valley. In addition was the purchase of valley land containing red ore and another purchase of land in the valley containing brown ore suitable for the operation of charcoal furnaces.

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