Countess mara dating

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Countess mara dating

Although they acquired considerable power in the counties in which their main estates lay, during the immediate post-conquest period contemporary records rarely show titles such as "Earl of [county]", the territorial qualification being gradually applied over time.

Reference to these early earls as "Earl in [county]" rather than "Earl of [county]" may therefore more accurately reflect contemporary reality.This is not unlike the situation in Germany, where titles were rarely linked to a particular territory before the early 12th century.By the 1140s there are signs that titles were becoming more closely linked to the counties.Secondly, it provided opportunity for advancement to many other families besides those of the principle earls.Even if they never made the transition to earldom, many such families enjoyed great influence, as shown by frequent marriages with the first-tier nobility.

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The resulting network of local feudal lordships not only enabled the king to assert rapid control over every part of the country but also created a network of local power bases for these influential immigrants.

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