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E8A locomotives like the one seen here were manufactured by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division between 19 and had 2,250 horsepower.

Amtrak hired acclaimed illustrator David Klein in the early 1970s to design a series of posters highlighting train travel.

By 1934, the PRR, in partnership with General Electric, Westinghouse and Baldwin Locomotive Works, had designed and constructed the first of a total 139 GG-1s.

Weighing in at 238 tons, the GG-1 had 12 motors that regularly produced 4,620 horsepower. Amtrak finally retired its GG-1 fleet as the new high-speed AEM-7 locomotives were put into service starting in 1980.

By negotiating contracts with other major credit cards, Amtrak credit sales more than doubled to million in 1972.

Amtrak initially accepted only the Rail Travel Credit Card, but by the fall of 1971, station agents could also process American Express and Master Charge.

Klein had made his name in travel advertising through a fruitful relationship with Trans World Airlines.

His work often employed bright colors, bold fonts and abstractions of local landmarks.

Manufactured in 19 by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division, this six-axle diesel-electric unit sported a 3,000-horsepower engine.

Since many passenger rail cars were still heated via steam, the SDP40F included two steam generators and a water tank.

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From the seating area in the dome, passengers could directly view the engineer and the controls.